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Anagrama is designer jewelry Brand created and produced in Lima – Peru. Our pieces are inspired by geometry, raw gemstones and Art deco. Privileged materials such as Peruvian silver and gemstones from South America are worked to create pieces for everyday, functional and versatile use. Stones like quartz, amethyst, pyrite and Andean opal carved or in their natural state are an essential part of many of our jewelry.

Anagrama was created by Susana Grau in 2013

Susana studied Fine Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP) and the University of Barcelona, Spain. Her sculpture specialty helped a lot to understand the techniques of jewelry then learned out of curiosity in a independant workshop. This knowledge combined with her passion for art and design, led to create her own jewelry brand.

Focused on creating companions pieces that work in various ways and are able to be combined.

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